Digital tube series

》High performance high performance LED chips are used as light source, die-casting aluminum base, toughened glass cover, surface oxidation or polyester powder spraying.
》The lamps are sealed with high performance silica gel, anti ultraviolet, anti yellow, and good waterproof.
》Professional optical design in combination with high efficiency optical lens, light beam concentration, light loss, high brightness, pure color, more visual appeal
》The installation is simple and convenient, the design of the shape and structure is simple and beautiful, and the line is bright.

Product Picture  
Product Size
Product Model 21356
LED Amount 40pcs
Power 40w
Illuminant USA EREE、OSRCM、Taiwan jingyuan
working Voltage AC220V(Taiwan meanwell constant current power supply
Irritation angle  15° 30°45° 60° 
Level of Protection IP67
Service Life ≥50000H
word environment -40~+75℃<90% RH
Illumination Curve  

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